No one wants to admit that they are missing teeth. For some people this has occurred naturally, as when they are missing their lateral teeth due to heredity. Other individuals may be missing teeth that have fallen out due to dental neglect or age. If you play sports on a competitive basis, it is not uncommon for teeth to become chipped and to later fall out altogether. Dental Implants in Northbrook are a permanent method for patients to have these teeth replaced. Unlike dentures and removable dental bridges, these implanted teeth never need to be taken out for cleaning or when going to sleep.

Patients who desire Dental Implants in Northbrook know that the place they should visit is the dental offices of Chicago Beautiful Smiles. The doctor sees patients in her offices for both general and cosmetic dentistry. Her office practice provides the best of family dentistry for patients in Northbrook and the surrounding suburbs.

Patients are urged to schedule an initial appointment for the doctor to conduct a full examination. This lets the dentist look at a patient’s teeth and the alignment of their bite. While they are having their teeth charted one by one, the dentist is also going to check for cancers of the mouth and oral tissues. This visual examination along with the results of the x-rays that are taken, will be the basis of the doctor’s suggestions for future treatment.

Teeth that are in various stages of decay must first be saved by having them filled. Unlike those silver fillings of decades past, the doctor uses porcelain fillings that are completely natural in appearance. There is no way for others to know that you have had these installed.

Patients who have not had a professional dental cleaning in at least a year will be asked to book a session with the dental hygienist. This assures the dentist that unnecessarily debris will be removed from the teeth. Most patients find this extremely pleasurable and enjoy how they look upon their first glance in a mirror. For more information and to contact the dental staff, visit Chicago Beautiful Smiles online at their website

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