Dental Veneers New Jersey- Are You the Right Candidate?

Getting dental veneers may seem like a quick way to fix smiles for everyone. But that’s not the case. While dental veneers are great orthodontic tools designed to help you get the smile you want, they can’t be used by everybody. Mostly, there is always an alternative orthodontic treatment that can help in fixing your smile. Now that dental veneers in Bergen County, NJ, can’t be used by everybody, who is the right candidate for these fantastic orthodontic tools?

Patients in Need of Extensive Aesthetic Changes

While we all want to have perfect smiles, that’s not always the case. Some people have small or misshapen teeth that bring down their self-confidence. Some other people are victims of accidents such as falls that cause their teeth to crack or get badly chipped. If you have a tooth that’s ruining your smile, getting veneers may be the best choice for you.

Unfortunately, a dentist cannot fill in the gaps left when a tooth cracks, but they can use dental veneers in Bergen County, NJ, to give your teeth a better appearance. Whether you have one or multiple teeth that are affected, veneers provide an excellent solution for restoring your lost smile.

Can Veneers Cause Complications?

When placing veneers, an orthodontic dentist will first need to remove a part of your tooth for the crown to fit. Sometimes, the dentist may need to remove up to 30 percent of your natural tooth. Sometimes, this procedure may leave the tooth susceptible to sensitivity and decay.

That’s why it recommended getting veneers from a licensed and experienced dentist. Advanced Dental Care of Englewood take pride in offering the best dental services to our patients. Feel free to visit for help with your dental problem.

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