Designer Tips for choosing your Flooring

If you are redoing your home or even just a single room you will have to choose the flooring best suited for your taste and budget. Here are some ideas to discuss with your Flooring Installation Company:

  • Carpet: Carpet has come a long way and offers many different options that are ideal for most applications other than the bathroom and kitchen. Carpet adds a splash of color or can be completely neutral in a room. It can be run up stairs and in halls and is nice for bedrooms to keep toes comfy when you get out of bed in the morning. Carpet can add texture and patterns as well but is not the best choice for people with allergies or asthma as it tends to hold dust, dander and other items that can be loosened during vacuuming and then breathed in.
  • Hardwood: Hardwood is always the preferred flooring for most people as it is well wearing and of course looks stunning. It comes in a number of widths, colors and wood which means you can choose the style you prefer to match your home d├ęcor scheme. Hardwood flooring is ideal if you have allergies or asthma. Many people still prefer to have carpeting in their bedrooms and with hardwood flooring you almost certainly require area rugs to offer a soft spot underfoot as well as to help pull a room together.
  • Tiling: Tiling is an ideal choice for foyers, bathrooms and kitchens as it is easy to clean and is a good seal against water. Tiling comes in a number of man made and natural materials from ceramic and porcelain to slate, granite and marble. Tile works well in warm climates as a flooring option throughout the home as well and in cooler climates it is usually kept to bathrooms, kitchens and foyers.
  • Laminate: Laminate comes in a number of options and looks including wood and stone. You can use laminate flooring just about anywhere and it is a good alternative to hardwood if you do not have the budget for it. Newer styles look quite authentic and wear well too. It is not the best choice for bathrooms but can be used in kitchens.

As you can see there are many flooring options to consider and discuss with your flooring installation company. Your budget will play a major role in your decision as will the style of your home. At New York Wood Flooring, we provide quality hardwood flooring and related services in Manhattan, as well as a wide selection of the best wood flooring solutions in the area.

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