Different ways to accomplish air conditioning

There are a number of ways to cool air, which is really all air-conditioning is. Selecting the right method is often a combination of factors including the size of the area to be cooled, the temperature differentials between the outside ambient and the inside, the construction of the building and others. Air conditioning in Gainesville VA are familiar with all the different types.

Heat pumps:

Heat pumps are one of the most popular ways of cooling air. The system is referred to as “unitary” because everything that is needed to heat the building, cool it, dehumidify the air and more is all included in a factory made assembly.

A unitary heat pump can be of the split design or a single unit used for centralized heating and cooling. The single package is mounted external to the building whereas the split unit has the unit containing the fan, and heating/cooling coils inside and the condenser and compressor mounted outside.

Heat pumps work on the principal that all air, no matter how cold, contains heat and conversely, all air, no matter how hot, contains cool air. The system is designed to take advantage of this phenomenon. Although the heat pump cannot get all the heat or all the cool air it needs without gas or electric assistance it is generally seen as a very efficient method, especially if the area where the building is located is dry.

Evaporative cooling:

Evaporative cooling is another way of doing air conditioning in Gainesville VA. These devices are often called “swamp coolers,” and they work by blowing a stream of hot, dry air over a wet pad, cooling the air by the process of evaporation. The humidity of the air entering the space is high. Another method employed eliminates the problem of increasing the amount of humidity by introducing a heat exchanger into the mechanics. There are also combination units that combine both the high and low humidity approaches. Evaporative cooling can save from 60 to 80% of the energy used to cool air when the ambient temperatures are high and the humidity low.

Air conditioning systems:

Traditional air conditioning in Gainesville VA can be delivered in a number of different ways, all of which work on the same principle. Window mounted units are completely self contained and fit in a pre-prepared hole in the wall or through an existing window. Split air conditioners have two units, the unit mounted indoor brings in warm air from the outside and cools it, the unit mounted outdoors contains the compressor and it is coupled to the inside unit by pipes and cables, it gets rid of the hot air. Central air conditioning provides full house air, there is a compressor mounted outdoors and the cool air is distributed through the ducting that is used in the winter for heat.

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