Discussing Indiana Laws With A Personal Injury Lawyer In Terre Haute, IN

The state of Indiana imposes a statute of limitations for all accidents in which the injured party was not responsible for the accident. The statute implies that this limit is the second anniversary of the accident itself and not the day in which the victim was diagnosed. To file a claim for the medical costs and expenses associated with the accident, he or she may hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in Terre Haute IN before the statute runs out.

Rules that Apply to Accidents in Indiana

Like other states, Indiana imposes rules and stipulations based on comparative fault. At any time that the court rules the victim played a role in the accident, the settlement which would have been awarded is reduced by the percentage assigned. If the victim was in an automobile accident, any moving violations that he or she is guilty of are considered when reducing the settlement. This includes speeding, reckless driving, or the lack of insurance.

The victim is additionally subject to penalties and fines associated with the discovered violations. They are equally required to file a certificate of compliance after the accident occurs. This stipulates that the victim possesses uninsured motorists, property damage, and under insured motorist insurance policies as required by the state. They must present evidence of the policies at the required value after the accident. A law enforcement official assists them in completing the certificate.

Non-compliance with insurance requirements by the victim or at-fault driver result in a ninety-day license suspension. The reinstatement fees begin at $150. Any further violations of these requirements increase the fines and suspension durations. The driver is equally liable for providing proof of their financial responsibility before receiving a new driver’s license.

Indiana adheres to tort-based liability systems. This implies that they do not have limitations on how lawsuits are filed against at-fault drivers outside of the statue of limitations. To file a lawsuit to acquire compensation, a driver must be deemed at-fault by law enforcement at the scene of the accident. An accident report should be available to the Personal Injury Lawyer in Terre Haute IN who files the claim on behalf of the victim.

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