Do It Yourself Furnace Repair in Jackson MI

Many furnace problems do not require a professional to come out to the house. The furnace will usually last for a number of years without major problems. If you are a do-it-yourself person, there are many furnace problems that you can fix yourself to help save money. The furnace’s job is to heat up the house, so you want to make sure you take care of it to keep you and your family warm.

The first thing you can do to check your furnace is to make sure the thermostat is on. Of course, if it’s the winter months or if it’s cold outside, the thermostat needs to be set to “heat.” Make sure the temperature in the house is set to a cooler temperature than the thermostat. If your thermostat is battery operated, make sure the battery is working. The problem may just mean you need to replace the battery.

After you have checked the thermostat’s temperature and battery, make sure the switch and breakers or fuses are switched to “on” and are working properly. You can check them by looking at the circuit panel located near the furnace. If the fuses are blown, promptly replace them. Check the compartment door located on the furnace to make sure it is working properly. The compartment door is located at the bottom part of your furnace.

Check to see if the gas is lit inside the furnace. You should notice a shut off button. Make sure it is on. Be sure the furnace is clear of debris. Make sure the vents are clear of debris, too. If you have a gas water heater, you may want to call a Furnace Repair Jackson MI professional to come out and make sure the furnace is clear of debris.

Make sure the drain areas are open. This will enable the drain line to bring in the air from outside, keeping the moisture flowing into the furnace. Always check your furnace’s filters. Dirty, clogged filters can do damage to the furnace, causing it to become too hot and overheat. Once the furnace becomes too hot, it will turn itself off. Be sure to check the filters often. If you’re not sure what type of filters you have, read the furnace’s manual or call Able Heating and Cooling to help you find out that information.

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