Do You Know All About An SUV?

The term “SUV” which stands for sport-utility vehicle is defined as a vehicle that has plenty of headroom, a hatchback and is high off the ground. There is also a vehicle known as a “crossover” which is more or less the same thing but whereas a Ford SUV in Chicago is built on a truck platform, a crossover is built on a car platform.

Car vs. truck platform:

A car based SUV has similar attributes to a car; in most cases it gives better fuel economy, a more comfortable ride and great handling characterizes. A truck based SUV on the other hand is considerably sturdier, can pull a heavier trailer and is more suitable for off-road driving.


SUVs are generally classified into compact, midsize and full size. The midsize and full size vehicle is broken down further based on the number of rows of seats, either two rows or three. As the vehicle gets progressively bigger so does the size of the engine, the towing capacity, passenger space and of course; price.


As a typical Ford SUV in Chicago is purchased with families in mind it is nice to know that a full complement of front and side curtain airbags, ABS brakes and stability control is standard. More and more SUVs are being sold with rear-view cameras to ensure safe reversing.

Passenger and cargo space:

The minimum number of passengers a typical compact SUV is designed to carry is five adults. Larger vehicles have various ways to adjust the seats to increase either passenger or cargo space. Large SUVs normally have three aside seating and a third row of seats which are ideal for children.

Operating costs:

Any Ford SUV in Chicago gives excellent fuel economy, however, it should come as no surprise that the larger the vehicle gets and the larger the engine gets, the less economical it becomes. Contact Hawk Ford of Oak Lawn at for more information.

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