Do You Need Water Heater Repairs in Bainbridge Island?

Your water heater is likely in the basement of your home or in the attic. It is usually fairly out of sight and out of mind. Typically, the only time you think about your water heater is if something has gone wrong. Before you call for water heater repairs, though, you should do some quick troubleshooting. It is always possible that you can fix the problem on your own before you call a professional.

The Pilot Light

A gas water heater works because a pilot light burns natural gas as it is piped into your home, to heat the water in the tank. If the pilot light goes out, it will no longer heat the water. So, you should check to see if the pilot light is out on your water heater. If you are not comfortable with doing that, you should call for professional water heater repairs in Bainbridge Island. Professionals will be able to determine if you are having a pilot light issue.

You can find professionals at They will be able to walk you through handling your situation or can come out to your house and work on it themselves.

The Fuses

If you have an electric water heater, you won’t have a pilot light, but you will need electricity to run it. If something electrical has gone wrong, you don’t need water heater repairs, you need electrical repairs. The only way to know if this is the case is to attempt to plug something into the same circuit as your water heater. If you don’t know how to do that or don’t have the time, call a professional who specializes in water heaters; they will be able to make that determination. Whatever the problem, they’ll be able to solve it or recommend you to someone who can. Many problems with water heaters are not actually plumbing problems, and you might in fact be surprised by the versatile skill set of a water heater specialist. Click here for more details about the quality water heater repairs in Bainbridge Island.

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