Does Heater Repair in Boulder or a Tankless Water Heater Make More Sense for You?

Energy-conscious Europe and Japan know a thing or two about hot water that Americans are just beginning to learn. That’s actually a little surprising, since probably no one takes as many showers as an American. We tend to stay with heating water the way that we always have: keeping 50 to 80 gallons of water hot and waiting 100% of the time. It’s comforting to know that hot water is always available for showers, laundry and doing dishes, true, but that same hot water is also available when everyone is gone from the home, sleeping or working around the house or in the yard.

Keeping all of that water hot all of the time is expensive. It’s estimated that hot water heaters hog 15% or more of the money spent on electricity and some of that electricity (and money) is completely wasted. The alternative water heating method being used by Europeans and the Japanese is tankless hot water heaters. A tankless system waits, using almost zero energy, until someone needs hot water. Gas-fired burners turn on, heating the water very quickly. Even if a houseful of guests and the family all need showers, the last person will still have all the hot water they want. Tankless systems do cost more initially, but they save money in the long run, especially for those who spend considerable time away from home.

NOW Heating and Air, LLC combines extensive knowledge of the newest HVAC systems and technologies with old-fashioned business values. The business begin in 1989 in Colorado as ‘A Appliance’, selling, servicing and repairing home appliances. At the request of friends and family, the technicians would occasionally make after-hours calls to repair their air conditioners or furnaces. As time went on, the HVAC work grew until it became the core of the business, so it 1998 they acknowledged the shift in business direction by changing the name of the business to NOW Heating and Air.

Customer satisfaction has always been their primary ‘business strategy’. If the job isn’t done correctly, the customer doesn’t pay. Both long-term and first-time customers get the same on-time, professional service, whether it’s to install a new system or for heater repair in Boulder. Visit the website to learn more about all of the ways they can be of service to either individuals or commercial enterprises.

heater repair in Boulder

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