Does Your Elderly Loved One Need a Caregiver in Bethesda?

Seeing a loved one grow older can be a difficult experience. It’s tough to sit back and watch as he or she continues to lose independence or begins to show signs of weakness. Many times, it can be unclear as to when someone needs to step in or bring in a professional caregiver in Bethesda. Here are three signs to pay attention to that might suggest that a loved one needs some extra assistance.

Forgetfulness With Consequences

Everyone forgets things. Sometimes it can be forgetting where someone placed his or her keys. Other times is can be something more serious like forgetting to turn the stove off or forgetting to lock the door at night. Loved ones need to pay attention to what an elderly person is forgetting. Some things that slip the mind don’t have any real consequences to them. Others could be the start of real problems or safety issues. Contact us for help determining if a loved one’s forgetfulness is starting to be a real concern.

Struggle With Finances

Much like being forgetful, everyone makes mistakes occasionally when it comes to paying a bill or sending out a check. But when the day to day management of finances is no longer working out, it’s time to arrange for a caregiver in Bethesda. This doesn’t mean that the caregiver should take over the finances. Most families want to take care of that themselves. However, it is a sign that day to day life is starting to change an an elderly family member is going to need more help to take care of regular responsibilities.

Home is Starting to Decline

Is a loved one’s home starting to really go downhill as far as its maintenance and care? Is the house always dirty or the laundry never done? These are signs that taking care of the home can be too much for a person to continue to take on. In these situations, a caregiver doesn’t need to be someone that provides medical care. It could be a professional that comes in to care for day to day chores and errand running. This takes the stress off the elderly loved one and family members.

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