Don’t Fight an Insurance Company Alone When a Personal Injury Law Attorney in Hailey, ID Can Help

A victim who has been injured due to the negligent act of another individual should never trust the insurance company who represents the opposing party. The insurance company is only worried about protecting their interests and retaining as much money as possible. A personal injury law attorney in Hailey, ID understands the techniques the insurance company will attempt to use to force a victim to file for a lower amount of compensation.

A victim should never let the insurance company record any telephone calls. Anything a victim might say over the phone could be used against them as part of the settlement in court. After a personal injury happens, the first telephone call after medical treatment has been received should be to a personal injury attorney.

Paying for an Attorney

The last thing a victim wants to worry about is paying an attorney for legal representation. Victims never have to worry about paying a personal injury attorney any money out of their budget. The only way an attorney will receive compensation for their services is if they win a financial settlement on behalf of the victim.

A personal injury lawyer will provide a free consultation for victims to discuss the case and determine whether the case is worth pursuing. An attorney will never give victims an exact settlement figure but might give them an estimate of what they might receive.

Medical Treatment

A victim should seek medical treatment as soon as possible after an accident. Delaying medical treatment opens the door for the insurance company to claim the injuries are not from the accident. Another reason to receive fast medical treatment is that healing from the injuries improves with early medical intervention.

Auto Accidents

Although auto accidents are a common reason individuals receive injuries, a personal injury law attorney in Hailey, ID will also represent individuals who were a victim of a truck or motorcycle accident, faulty products, and many other types of negligent acts that resulted in injuries.

A victim does not have to suffer physically, emotionally and financially when an attorney can protect their interests. Find more information by contacting a personal injury today.

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