Don’t Forget to Ask Fairview Roofing Contractors These Questions

Before sitting down with a Fairview roofing contractor, make sure to get organized. Gather a list of questions to ask the contractors to make sure the right person gets hired for the job. Check out these must-ask questions.

What Are the Contractor’s Credentials?

All roofing contractors should be licensed, bonded, and insured. But what do these terms mean?

  • Licensed: Registered with the state’s licensing board. Never hire out-of-state contractors.
  • Bonded: The bond company ensures the client’s investment should the roofer go out of business or stop working on the roof for any other reason. Homeowners are protected financially.
  • Insured: The company has sufficient insurance coverage to cover damages and personal injury should an injury occur on the job.

Does the Contractor Offer a Workmanship Warranty?

Roofing materials come with a manufacturer warranty that covers defects and other problems with the material. But what about labor? If a labor mistake causes a problem, who covers the cost. This is where workmanship warranties enter the picture. The best roofing contractors offer labor warranties that back their workmanship.

Is the Roofer Certified by Shingle Manufacturers?

Most people don’t know to ask about this certification or that it even exists. Shingle manufacturers often certify a handful of contractors in a particular area to install their products. Having this certification means the roofer has a good relationship with the manufacturer and is known for doing excellent work installing the manufacturer’s products.

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