Drainage Systems In Westford MA Will Eliminate Your Water Problems

Leaks and cracks in a foundation will lead to further structural damage to a building. Water in the basement of a building is a result of poor drainage around the footer and foundation walls that needs to be eliminated. Drainage systems in Westford MA could include the installation of an internal drainage system, foundation crack sealing, exterior water control, or a sump pump system.

When an owner hires a leader in dry basements and foundations, they will receive guaranteed repairs of the foundation for as long as they own their home. This provides the peace of mind a homeowner needs.

Leaking Or Cracked Concrete Foundations

When a crack appears in a foundation, it should not be sealed with just any product. DRY-SEAL 5000 is a flexible resin that repairs cracked or concrete foundation in homes and businesses. Flexible resin penetrates the complete wall thickness as a thin liquid and then fills the main crack and any capillaries, voids or pores to create a watertight fit.

A flexible resin like DRY-SEAL 5000 is effective at stopping water leaks in concrete, masonry, and steel. Another benefit of this flexible resin is it can attach to a service and seal the crack in all temperatures. It can resist freeze and thaw cycles as well as wet and dry cycles.

Internal Drainage

The internal drainage of a building should be correct as part of the waterproofing and repair of a foundation. An interior French drain system that is installed in a basement will relieve the hydrostatic pressure and high water table that is causing the damage to the foundation or floors.

Drainage Systems in Westford MA will remove a portion of the floor around the perimeter of the foundation and create a trench. A bed of 3/4-inch washed stone and four-inch PV perforated pipes will be connected and pitched towards a sump pump and pit. Caps will be installed along the pipe for easy clean out, and concrete will be poured to finish the floor and eliminate the water problems.

If you are tired of a smelly home or basement because of the leaking water, browse our website. You will receive upfront pricing, a lifetime transferable warranty, no sub-contractors performing the job, and a highly reviewed and recommended company.

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