Durable Faucets In Bergen County, NJ Make Kitchen Cleanup Easier

It’s exciting to remodel a kitchen. The homeowners might have inherited cabinets that they hated and old appliances. This is their chance to get their dream kitchen. While it’s important that the kitchen be beautiful, it also has to function. One of the smallest items that the homeowner will have to choose is also the most important. Faucets In Bergen County NJ are critical to people using their sinks efficiently.

The kitchen sink is one of the busiest places in the house. The sink and faucet have to stand up to a lot of usage every day. There are many beautiful faucets for the homeowners to fall in love with, but they should also consider durability factors. A faucet with a ceramic disk valve and solid brass base will last the longest. A ceramic disc faucet actually has two ceramic discs. The one on the bottom does not move, while the one on top does. This action allows water to either pass through the faucet or blocks it. Ceramic discs are very hard and are not susceptible to mineral build-up. Several top brands make this kind of faucet including Kohler, American Standard and Price Pfister.

When people are working in the kitchen, they are often multi-tasking. For that reason, their hands can often be full. So it’s more convenient to have a single lever faucet than a two-handed faucet. Some brands are offering hands-free faucets that work with an infrared beam. Germ-conscious cooks may prefer these when they are handling food items such as chicken. They don’t have to worry about contaminating the surface of the sink or Faucets In Bergen County NJ. A spray arm for cleaning pots and the sink is also a good idea.

The best way to learn about faucets is to visit a showroom. Hundreds of faucets are displayed. Many are shown with sinks. The staff will know which models have a ceramic disk valve. They can also explain other features and how they work with sink accessories such as a garbage disposal. They can explain the length of faucet warranties and what is usually included and required. Visit Ramapowholesalers.com for more information.

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