DWI Law in Hailey ID: It Pertains to Prescription Drugs as Well

Everyone knows how dangerous it is to drink and drive, but few realize the potential for a DWI arrest after taking legally prescribed medicines. Roughly 15% of cases in DWI Law in Hailey ID involve prescription drugs. In this guide, readers can learn more about prescription drug-related DWI cases.

Drugs That Cause Impairment

There are numerous drugs that, when taken as directed, can cause a person to become legally impaired. Tranquilizers, narcotics, sleep medicines, antidepressants, anti-anxiety drugs, cough medicines, antihistamines, decongestants, and more can impair a person’s driving ability and leave them open to DWI charges.

Drug-Related DWI Investigation

If a person is on prescription medicines when they’re stopped by the police, they may be investigated for DWI. The officer will likely perform standard field sobriety tests and have the driver blow into a Breathalyzer. When the test results in a 0.0 BAC, the officer will look for another source of impairment. This may involve asking a drug recognition specialist to determine the type of medicine the driver is taking, and it often involves the submission of a blood or urine sample.

Do Drugs in the Bloodstream Prove Impairment?

Part of the issue with prescription drug-related DWI cases is that blood testing doesn’t show how long ago the drug was taken. If a drug is detected in the blood or urine, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the person is under the influence. According to DWI Law in Hailey ID, an officer can charge a person with DWI even if they’re not currently under the influence of drugs. However, drug recognition personnel are there to deal with such issues.

A DWI, even a first offense, can have lasting effects on a person’s life. If the police have filed charges based on a person’s consumption of legally prescribed medicines, they should call an attorney to discuss their options. These DWI cases are very defensible, and they’re enormously difficult for the state to prove. If someone is on prescription medicines that may impair their driving, they should be careful to avoid ending up with a DWI. Get legal support by calling the office to schedule a consultation.

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