Eating Healthy In San Francisco California

San Francisco is home to many individuals who strongly believe in eating organic, natural and healthy food. They are those who have recently purchased any of the new condos for sale. In San Francisco, the group also embraces many of the locals.  The residents of the city know where to shop to get the best deals. They patronize those stores that carry and promote local produce. They are fond, as well of avoiding GMO food and, instead prefer certified organic. While people do buy their groceries from the city’s wide selection of organic and natural food stores, they also know one of the best sources of local organic produce and other foods is one of the city’s Farmers’ Markets.

The Ferry Building and Ferry Plaza Farmers’ Market

If you visit the Ferry Building, you can attend the Ferry Building marketplace. This is a gourmet market where you can purchase everything from fresh pastries to sushi and tea. Outside, in the warmer months, you can wander through the vendors that comprise the Ferry Plaza Farmers’ Market. It is held 4 days a week and includes local produce from local farmers. Here you have the chance to purchase organic fruit, vegetables, nuts and vegetables as well as naturally-raised beef and pork. These growers are all part of the San Francisco’s past as well as its present commitment to promoting local growers and natural, organic food.

The Ferry markets are the best known, but residents, even those who currently have purchased one of the new condos for sale, are aware that these are not the only ones. In fact, San Francisco is home to several other Farmers’ Markets. These include:

1. The Alemany Farmers’ Market at 101 Alemany Blvd. in Bernal Heights. It is only open on Saturdays

2. The Cannery Farmers’ Market at 2801 Leavenworth St. in Fishermans’ Wharf, at Del Monte Square. It is open both Friday and Saturday

3. Civic Center Farmers’ Market at 1182 Market St. at Civic Center Plaza. This takes place on both Wednesdays and Sundays. It has a wide range of local products including breads, fruits, nuts, vegan pastries and vegetables as well as tamales

4. Fillmore Saturday Art Market Fillmore at Eddy. It takes place on Saturdays. Here, you can purchase fresh bread, produce and items crated by various non-profit groups, musicians and artists.

5. Noe Valley Farmers’ Market 24th St. This runs on Saturdays only.

between Sanchez and Vicksburg

No matter whether you have the opportunity to purchase one of the new condos for sale in San Francisco or are currently live in a bed setter, San Francisco provides you with plenty of opportunities to eat healthy. San Franciscans have embraced the organic movement. The various Farmers’ Markets are a testament that local is alive well and doing very well in San Francisco.

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