EcoTech Visions In Miami Gardens: A New Approach To Business Development

A small business owner, particularly of a family business or a mom and pop shop does not have all the advantages of a larger business. This includes the necessary physical space, the business resources, and the ability to work together with like-minded entrepreneurs.

To overcome this very real challenge and issue, Dr. Pandwe Gibson founded Ecotech Miami Gardens. Located in the new Green Corridor area of the city, EcoTech is designed to provide services for entrepreneurs with ideas and innovations in the green manufacturing sector.

With the increasing importance of green manufacturing and production in everything from energy to farm and space to consumer products, having a dedicated incubator and maker space creates a true resource for small businesses in the area.

Expert Support

The purpose of the EcoTech Visions and the purpose of Dr. Pandwe Gibson developing this maker manufacturing lab is to provide entrepreneurs, also known as eco-preneurs, to have the resources they need to move their ideas into real businesses actions.

In addition to having space in their Miami location for businesses, the organization also provides a full prototyping lab, providing members with access to 3Dprinting, laser cutters, and a full state-of-the-art workspace.

The business resources include technical support for website development as well as training, education, and support for marketing, branding, and promotion of the business on a local, national, and international scale. Think of it as a way to bring the business ideas together with the support and resources needed to take them from concept through to market.

Through different training programs, entrepreneurs can choose a focus for their professional growth and development. With the focus on environmentally friendly products, services, and processes, this is a unique opportunity for small business owners in the Miami area to launch their business in a supportive, focused space.

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