Effective Termite Control in Baltimore, MD, Includes Fixing Leaky Plumbing

Subterranean termites in Baltimore, MD, only come out of the ground for short periods of time to gather cellulose in the form of deadwood. Their bodies dry out if they stay above ground for too long. However, these bugs can stay out of their underground homes and continue doing extensive damage to wood if there is a water source nearby.

Attraction to Water

Household residents typically will not see termites in sinks or shower stalls because the critters stay hidden. However, termites in Baltimore, MD, will be attracted to leaky pipes behind walls or even in floor-level cabinets. They may appear briefly in dark corners of the basement if water leaks there from a washing machine hose or other appliance.

Preventive Measures

Effective pest management is crucial after an infestation has taken place. In the future, homeowners can reduce the appeal of their house to termites and other bugs by having all leaks fixed promptly.

Pest control technicians also will create insecticide barriers around the property to block entry by the bugs. Routine inspection is advisable for the near future in case any still remain in the home after a targeted pesticide application is completed. The presence of termites can be very difficult to detect since they usually do not come out in the open. During an initial infestation, they tend to accomplish a substantial amount of destruction before anyone realizes the bugs are there.

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