Electrical Contractors Can Handle Jobs of All Sizes

There are two main types of work that are handled by electrical contractors: new construction and existing systems. When working with builders on new construction, many aspects of the work are easier. The walls aren’t yet fully built when the electricians are called in, so there’s no need to chop through drywall or paneling to reach the areas that need to be worked on. There is also no existing wiring to worry about. Therefore, the structure’s entire electrical system can be designed according to current building codes and best practices. The only real drawback to doing wiring in new construction is the scale of the project. Since the entire building will need to be outfitted with wiring, circuits, outlets, and possibly lighting fixtures. This makes it so that small electrical service companies are at a disadvantage because they often don’t have enough technicians to get the job done as quickly as larger contractors.

When it comes to existing electrical systems, the disparity between large and small electrical contractors often isn’t as evident. In many cases, someone will call an electrician to wire in a single upgraded outlet or to fix a relatively small problem area. This type of work only requires one person, so there’s no need to choose a giant firm to get it done quickly.

Other projects can require extensive work even if an old building is involved. After a few decades, old wiring can get brittle and unreliable. Sometimes, the solution is to tear it all out and start fresh. In this case, the project will be quite extensive and can require as much management as new construction. One thing to keep in mind is that in this case, the walls will be opened up. This provides an opportunity to get other behind-the-walls work done before the drywall goes back up. Hiring a firm that offers multiple services, such as Advantage Service Company, Inc., will make it easy to get all of the work done with only one opening and closing of the walls. Such an option is great for those who need to have major structural renovations done.


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