Eliminate Unsightly Cracks and Water Leaks With Foundation Repair In Baltimore

Cracks in a foundation signal there is a water problem around the foundation. The cracks will enlarge over the years and start leaking water if no steps are taken to deal with the situation. A company that is experienced in Foundation Repair in Baltimore can identify the water problem and correct it. A homeowner should never finish a basement without making sure the basement is dry and free of leaks.

Finishing a basement into another bedroom or entertainment area is a great idea for many homeowners. They need to be very cautious about installing insulation, drywall, and flooring without ensuring the basement is free of moisture that could damage the finishing materials. Over time, moisture can cause mold to grow behind these surfaces and create a foul odor in the basement area. The mold can cause breathing issues and other health problems in residents and guests.

Removing The Water Source

The water problem in a basement could be caused by improper grading, poor drainage around the foundation because of the soil, or clogged French drains around the exterior of the building. If the problem is clogged drains, a foundation repair company can install internal French drains. This process involves removing approximate eight to ten inches around the inside basement wall to expose the footer of the home. Gravel will line the trench, and piping will be put on top of the gravel. More gravel will be installed over the pipe, and concrete will finish the top.

The pipes will lead to a pit that contains a sump pump. The sump pump will push the water out of the basement and away from the home.

Foundation Repair

After the water problem is corrected, the cracks in the wall or floor will be repaired with hydraulic cement and vinyl covering. The water that previously entered the basement will be eliminated with Foundation Repair in Baltimore. Once this is completed, the air quality and high moisture content in a home will be corrected.

When you’re looking for experience in foundation repair, consider contacting Armored Basement Waterproofing. They have years of experience in correcting basement and foundation problems and will have a sound solution to resolve every homeowner’s basement water problems.

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