Employ a Certified Property Manager to Secure Cash Flow

If you’re a property owner, it is likely to know that collecting rent monthly on time is essential to a guaranteed steady flow of income. However, if you own an apartment complex, condominium, townhouse, or other multi-unit building, keeping track of and cashing rent checks can be problematic. Many investors who purchase properties do so to benefit from rental returns, and normally leave certain duties, such as rent collection, to a certified property manager. Property managers simplify ownership for busy investors, and ensure that they receive consistent cash flow. Rental management companies utilize their own strategies for collecting rent easily, without hassle, and also handle issues involving non-paying tenants on behalf of their clients.

Simplified Collection & Depositing
After hiring an established management company to assist with organizing an investment, your tenants will be given access to their own online portals. Through their personal online account, they’ll be able to make their monthly payments without having to write or mail a check. Each payment is immediately processed and available for view, which will allow your property manager to be accountable on the status of tenants. Secure depositing is another feature many rental management companies offer, that gives managers the ability to take each month’s collective rent and deposit it into a designated account on their client’s behalf. Many clients also grant a certified property manager permission to write checks for them, which typically include mortgage, taxes, or insurance dues.

Late Payment Notices
When it comes to late payments, many property owners do their best to give tenants leeway and allow them to pay when they’re able to. Vacancies can be difficult to fill, and many landlords feel that late payments are better than no payments. Nevertheless, late payments can cause large gaps in revenue just as vacancies can, and it can be even more frustrating when non-paying tenants damage the unit. Property managers address tardy payments as quickly as possible, and take immediate steps to either resolve the issue with the tenant or move forward with an unlawful detainer lawsuit. Pay or quit notices are commonly handed out to tenants who have fallen behind on their rent, and gives them a specified time frame to either pay their outstanding balance or find a new residence.

Trust Real Property Management to provide reliable rent collection and late payment retrieval services on your behalf. To find a dependable manager in your area,


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