Enjoy a Beautiful Smile With Expert Cosmetic Dental Care in Ann Arbor, MI

Everyone deserves a beautiful smile. Unfortunately, the steps to getting that smile will vary based on the condition of the teeth. Cosmetic Dental Care in Ann Arbor MI provides a variety of services that can help. For instance, a person with stained teeth can have them whitened. Teeth whitening is a simple procedure that begins with a layer of carbamide peroxide paste. Once the paste is applied, the dentist will cover it with water. This causes a chemical reaction that converts the carbamide into hydrogen peroxide. The conversion process pushes the peroxide into the enamel and bleaches away the stains.

Some of the more common complaints that people make involve the front or visible teeth. These teeth are often misshapen, crooked or have stains that are difficult to remove. Thankfully, there is a way to deal with these problems and the solution is much simpler than people may think. A dental veneer can quickly conceal a number of visible issues and the current method of installing a veneer makes the whole process very easy. Originally, the installation of a veneer required filing the teeth to hold the device in place. This caused damages that could result in decay and a veneer that could not be removed. Current methods use a thin shell that requires little or no filing and results in a veneer that can be removed if the patient requires it. This is possible because the veneers are designed with computers and this creates the perfect fit.

Some cosmetic dental care in Ann Arbor, MI is more involved. For example, the patient may have a missing tooth or they may need a bridge to fill in for multiple missing teeth. One way of dealing with these issues is an implant. Dental implants make use of an inert material such as titanium. A titanium anchor provides the most stable method for securing a crown. An implant can use a large stud for molars or a thin one for smaller teeth. The crown used with an implant is porcelain because this material is extremely durable. If the patient needs a bridge, then implants can be used to anchor it. This is much more secure that anchoring the bridge to the surrounding teeth and less invasive. Contact us and discover how easy creating a beautiful smile can be.

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