Enterprise Hard Drives: A High Capacity Affordable Option

Enterprise Hard drives are created by Seagate, formerly known as Constellation ES. They have been known to supersede in the area of data scalability. The rapid growth of an infrastructure demands that there is plenty of room for unstructured data. On the larger scale of Enterprise Hard Drives, such as the Seagate Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD, there is up to 4TB of maximum density per drive, which gives you excellent storage solutions. It is also reliable concerning data storage in bulk sizes up to 24 x 7. With predictable performance at 7200 RPM it is a powerhouse in SATA and SAS environments. Low power and cooling requirements will not take a toll on energy either, making Enterprise Hard drives energy efficient.

Choose Enterprise When Quality Storage Is a Necessity
No matter which type of Enterprise hard drive you choose, they are the perfect building block for maximum density servers with storage solutions. If you are looking for a great return on your investment, an Enterprise hard drive gives the highest density of storage on optimized hard drives. This is a more affordable choice when you need room to grow. Whether you are building a computer or upgrading it, more storage is an option that is integral for most computer users.

Data Storage that Is Energy Efficient

When you need to store enormous amounts of data that is unstructured in an energy efficient manner, there is no better way than to use an Enterprise hard drive. The amount of power used is a minimal amount as low as 11.86W. It is capable of storing data using the smallest, footprint as well. The use of the type of technology called Seagate PowerChoice makes Enterprise hard drives perfect for business environments. This allows organizations to customize systems for optimized energy use that results in power savings up to 90%.

SED Options that Protect Data

Newer Enterprise hard drives protect data on the actual drive. You can choose self-encrypting drives with an SED FIPS 140-2 option on several different drive generations. With so many hard drive options it is clear to see why Enterprise hard drives are used for computers in the business realm as well as for personal use.

Browse their website for all of the Enterprise hard drive options that can be used to upgrade or build a new computer.



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