Epoxy is a Great Garage Floor Coating Option

Have you ever considered coating your garage floor? Garage floor coating in Kalamazoo MI is gaining popularity over the years because not only is it absolutely stunning to look at, the garage floor coating is very durable and easy to clean as well. If your garage just needs a little ‘pick me up’ makeover, garage floor coating is a cost effective solution that can greatly enhance the aesthetic appeal – quickly. Not only is the garage a place that many people park their vehicles, they may very well have workshops in their garages and hold many tools, lawnmowers, etc. as well. Epoxy garage floor coating is by far, one of the top choices available for home and property owners alike.

Epoxy Make a Great Garage Floor Coating

Epoxy is actually a resin (thermosetting) that is applied during the ‘coating process.’ Many are under the misconception that epoxy garage floor coating is paint. Epoxy resin and hardener are added together to create a super durable and peel, scratch and spill resistant floor. If you have ever painted anything in your life, you know that it takes a while to dry – epoxy does not go through a drying process, it goes through a curing process. Due to this – everything begins to bond (chemically) and create strength and durability unmatched by any products available on the market today.

Benefits of Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

Epoxy garage floor coating is much thicker than any paint therefore leaving it more durable and scratch/spill resistant. On top of all of that – it looks really nice too. The glossy finish, leaves your garage floor looking shiny and new for a long time. Requiring minimal maintenance, epoxy garage floor coating is a great investment and drastically changes the way you garage looks. You may actually want to show it off to your friends and neighbors!

If you had any spider cracks or imperfections in the concrete that was poured for your garage floor, epoxy garage floor coating will fill in those imperfections, leaving you a smooth surface to work with. Also during the completion process, any excess epoxy and scuffs will be buffed out and removed leaving only a beautiful and shiny surface behind.

If you live in or around the Kalamazoo MI and are looking for a great alternative option for your garage, check out our garage floor coating services available here at West Michigan Garage Interiors. Let us give you the floor of your dreams!

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