Everything that You Wanted to Know about Vehicle Fleet Management Software

Vehicle fleet management software is a software application that enhances vehicle tracking and feet management. It can be used in tracking and managing vans, trucks and cars of a commercial organization or company. The software can easily be downloaded onto a PC, laptop, tablet or any other mobile device. Once installed, it can be used to determine the location of different vehicles in real time using GPS signals.

Uses of fleet management software

There are many functions of this software to an organization or company. They include the following:

* Tracking the driving habits of the fleet drivers

* Vehicle tracking or telematics

* Fuel and speed management

* Vehicle maintenance

The software is in most cases used in multi-vehicle operations that include those of the delivery companies and couriers. Providers of vehicle repair services also use the software to enhance their productivity and efficiency in the business. The popularity of this software is increasing in different parts of the world and the trend is expected to continue.

How it works

Vehicle fleet management software entails fitting a vehicle with a tracking device. This device reads the position of the vehicle via GPS satellite signal. The device communicates this information via mobile network or satellite to a computer or mobile device. The information is represented as the location of the vehicle on a map.

The software can be used to track the following:

* Schedule and routine maintenance of the fleet vehicles

* Renewal and management of the driver licenses

* Insurance renewal and tax dates

Today, many fleet companies are using this software. Many companies are also providing the software and related fleet management solutions. However, it is important that you identify the best software to make your fleet management operations easier, efficient and effective. GPS technology is used by most software applications to ensure that tracking the fleet vehicles is done in real time. This implies that with this software you can locate the fleet vehicles any time, 24 hours in a day. You can also determine the speed of the vehicle as well as their speed.

Some software applications come with a vehicle disabling feature. This feature is particularly important in case of theft. Using this feature, the fleet managers can disable the engine of the vehicle by preventing it from starting. They can also decelerate it or reduce its throttle capacity. The feature can also be used to make the vehicle bleed the braking system air which disables it effectively. Nevertheless, with the best vehicle fleet management software, the overall fleet management operations are made easier, efficient and effective.

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