Everything You Need to Know About Security Screws

Security screws are generally used in a wide variety of different applications. They are used in building construction projects and are also used by carpenters in building different types of furniture pieces. However, most people don’t really know much about these types of screws. The first thing that you need to know is that these screws are available in a multitude of different varieties. The sizes, shapes and designs all vary depending upon what you want to use the screw for. For instance, some people use these screws in the installation of different items outside. Here are a few reasons why security screws are so popular nowadays:

They Deter Vandalism and Theft

As the name suggests, these screws are called secure for a reason. They are made from very high-quality metals and are significantly more powerful as compared to ordinary screws. As a result, if you are placing any fixture outside, you should consider using these screws. An ordinary screw can be unscrewed using a simple screwdriver. However, these screws are anything but ordinary. You need specialized equipment in order to tighten or unscrew them. Common examples include machine screws and woodscrews. Another example is the shear bolt, which is generally made to order. Shear bolts have a countersunk design and the button head form makes it difficult to remove using an ordinary screwdriver.

Common Applications

As you can see, these screws are generally considered heavy duty. As a result, they are mainly used in public facilities and applications. They are used to keep metal plates tight on the floors of pedestrian bridges. They are also used in public playgrounds. Most commonly, business owners use these screws in restaurants, gaming zones, and bars in order to make sure that all of their furniture and items remains tightly stuck in its place. They are also used in academic institutions in order to keep furniture tightly screwed to the ground.

Placing an Order

As a contractor, if you are looking to place an order for these types of screws, there are many things that you need to know. These screws aren’t ordinary available from your local hardware store. Therefore, you will have to place a special order to a reputable supplier. Because they are made from a higher grade of metal, the prices of such screws are also considerably higher. If you are looking to place an order for these screws, it is best that you get a quote from several suppliers and then select the cheapest possible option. These are just some of the things that you should know about such screws as well as their most popular applications.

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