Examples of Factors Involved in Heavy Trucking Accidents in Greenbelt

Despite all the measures government agencies and representatives have put in place in recent years, accidents with heavy trucks continue to be a significant problem. The regulation that requires electronic record keeping is progress. However, truckers still commonly spend too much time on the road when they are fatigued, not feeling well, or are under pressure from their company to travel faster than is advisable. Trucking accidents in Greenbelt that involve passenger vehicles can have very serious consequences.

Employer Negligence

A truck driver can also be seriously injured in a collision that was not even their fault. The company may have tried to save money by delaying essential maintenance or addressing the need for repair work on the vehicle. This can result in a tire blowout, a steering malfunction or any number of dangerous conditions leading to trucking accidents in Greenbelt and elsewhere.

A Hazardous Occupation

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics sees trucking as a hazardous occupation. A report from the Bureau in 2018 showed that the rate of truck driver fatalities in 2017 was the highest since 2003. That is a very troubling statistic when considering the stricter regulations that have been put in place over the years.

Electronic Logbooks

Some drivers cite the electronic logbooks as the main problem, ironically enough. Those devices were intended to prevent drivers from traveling too many hours and then writing up false reports in their logbooks. Now, however, drivers find themselves in a race against the clock far too often, leading them to travel well over the speed limit and too fast for weather and road conditions. They would rather have the option of putting in an extra 60 minutes than having to speed.

Legal Representation

Attorneys with an organization such as Jaklitsch Law Group can represent injured individuals who were in the passenger vehicles or truck drivers who were seriously hurt through their employer’s negligence. They make sure these clients are fully compensated for what happened. In the especially unfortunate situation of a fatality due to a heavy truck collision, they provide aggressive representation so all costs, tangible and intangible, are covered by the responsible party.

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