Exchange Your Home Furnace in For One That Uses Heating Oil

There are many homeowners in the market today who are finding that the costs of their monthly heating bills are simply too much for them to handle. This is because the cost of heating the average home is quite drastic and can cost thousands of dollars a year. This is especially true for areas in the norther portion of the country that stay quite cold during most of the year. There are many people who find that the reason their home heating costs are so high is not because they are using their furnace too much but because they have the wrong type of furnace in place. This is why homeowners who have not purchased a new home furnace in many years are encouraged to exchange their old home furnace for a new more energy efficient model.

Recent advancements have been made with furnace models today that allow them to operate more efficiently and for homeowners to pay less than they ever imagined in monthly costs in order to keep their homes warm and safe. However, when it comes to choosing a new home furnace there are many who don’t know what type of furnace to turn to. The answer for most is to turn to a Heating oil in Clinton furnace for their home as these furnaces are seen as some of the most energy efficient on the market. Understanding the basics of a heating oil furnace and what makes them such an efficient option is important for any homeowner who is tired of over paying for their home heating options.

The average, outdated home furnace on the market today has a very low efficiency rate, meaning that most of every dollar spent on monthly bills in the home actually doesn’t go directly to heating your property. Many people are wasting hundreds and hundreds of dollars just because their furnace does not have the capacity to utilize energy properly and to turn that energy into valuable home heating. However, with a heating oil furnace; homeowners are finding that their efficiency percentages are often around the 95% mark. This means that 95 cents of every dollar they are spending is going directly into heating the home and keeping it warm. This means hundreds is savings every year and lower monthly bills that can add up to a lot of extra money for you and your family. Plus with heating oil furnaces, many states offer homeowners rebates for making more efficient and eco friendly options; meaning even more money back in your pocket.


For more information on changing in your old furnace for a furnace that uses heating oil, visit the Clinton area experts at East River Energy today. These professionals can be found online at where you can learn more about their furnaces and about saving with your new furnace model.

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