Experiencing a Once-in-a-Lifetime Sightseeing Opportunity in the Windy City

Millions of tourists come each year to Chicago to enjoy the culture, history, and entertainment. They indulge in days’ worth of shopping, eating, and going to award-winning plays. They leave the Windy City with memories that will last a lifetime. There are many things to see and do in this legendary city.

The fondest memory that many tourists come away with invokes the time that they spent on the best observation deck near Chicago. You can look forward to this unique sightseeing opportunity by learning what it is and how it can impact your visit to the area.

Tilting Observation Deck

The best observation deck near Chicago is more than just an elevated platform that lets you look out over the city. It also is an adventure that gives you an adrenaline rush, unlike any other you may have experienced in the past.

The thrill of visiting the observation deck stems from its renowned tilting motion that leaves you virtually hanging over the city. Once you and several others climb into the deck itself, it leans forward gently, leaving you suspended dozens of stories above the ground. It creates the sensation of free-falling and rivals any thrill that you could get on a roller coaster.

While it might feel like you are falling from the sky to the ground, in reality, you are safe and secure in the observation deck. The deck is designed to suspend itself securely without breaking away from its hinges.

Getting Tickets

Tickets to the observation deck sell out quickly. You need to reserve your place in line now.

You can get ahead of others waiting for general admission by reserving your tickets online. These advanced tickets give you the earliest access to the tilting observation deck in Chicago.

You can find out more about the observation deck and buying tickets for it. Contact 360 CHICAGO today.

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