Exploring The Benefits Of Custom Plastic Molding

When most people think of plastic molding processes, the one that most commonly comes to mind is plastic injection molding. However, this is also custom dip molding and blow molding. There is also injection molding completed in clean rooms when specific production methods are required, particularly in medical devices and equipment or in computer and electronic components.

The choice of custom plastic molding over other methods of producing plastic parts and components is often a decision made for more than one reason. Taking into considerations all the benefits of plastic molding over plastic machining, extruding or other methods of fabrication and manufacturing starts with taking a closer look at several factors.

Highly Complex Final Products

With new CAD/CAM software technology, it is cost-effective to develop and test a design, even if that design is very complex. With the choice of cutting edge technology in custom plastic molding, issues such as different wall thicknesses, various colors in the design and even different corners, angles and shapes.

Flexibility in Design Potential

For consumer types of products, adding logos, branding identifiers and even specific colors and shapes on the product incorporated into the custom plastic molding process. This means the branding becomes a part of the product, and not a painted on addition or a decal that can peel and fade.

Cost Factors

While injection molding does include a tooling cost, once the mold is developed it has an extremely long life cycle, which reduces the cost of the parts produced over time. The company providing the plastic molding can discuss options to keep tooling costs down, which can include the use of different materials to make the molds based on the size of the production run.

Adding to the lower cost of plastic molding is the extremely low waste in the process, the ability to produce parts to tight tolerances and the ability to recycle materials, all important in choosing this production process over other options.

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