Factors to Consider Before Getting Glass Showers in Salinas

The décor of your bathroom says a lot about your place and you as a person. Many people like to keep their bathrooms clean, and if you have a shower in there, you will definitely want to cover it up in order to avoid the water spraying everywhere. Shower curtains are used in most houses. They are cheap, easily replaceable and very easy to manage. Most people only change their shower curtains after they get bored with using the same curtains or if the hooks break. However, glass showers are becoming quite popular as well.

Having a glass enclosure around the shower gives your bathroom a slightly more elegant look, and makes the place look relatively upscale. Since it’s glass, it lets more light into the shower. Another major advantage that you get for selecting glass showers is that they are completely watertight. Shower curtains don’t extend all the way down to the floor, so a bit of water might spill over onto the bathroom floor. If you are thinking of getting a glass enclosure in the shower, here are just some of the factors that you need to consider.

How Much Space Do You Have in Your Bathroom?

The first question that you should answer before calling any glass or window company is the amount of space in your bathroom. If you have small bathrooms, glass enclosures will make the whole place look claustrophobic. It might be difficult for you to move about in the washroom due to the glass enclosure. Glass enclosures generally look much better in larger, spacious bathrooms. Make sure you have a considerable amount of space in your bathroom before you call the installation company.

Clear or Frosted Glass

There are many types of glass that you can choose from. Clear glass generally lets you see through, while frosted glass obstructs your vision so that you can’t look inside the shower. However, frosted glass also reduces the amount of light coming into the shower. Many companies that sell glass showers in Salinas show the difference between clear and frosted glass to their customers in order to help them choose. There’s virtually no difference in the price of clear or frosted glass enclosures. This is basically a matter of taste. Of course, you always have the option of selecting a mix of both frosted and clear glass.

Framed or Frameless

Framed glass will obviously cost more, but it is a safer option than using frameless glass. Framed glass prevents injury in case you accidentally bump your foot on the corner of the glass. After all, nobody likes chipped edges. They can be dangerous in a wet environment too.

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