Facts About A Bail Bonds Agent in Stamford CT

Most people do not know much about bail bondsman. This profession is the type where they are not needed until the unfortunate happens. The career of a bail bondsman is very much out of the public eye in most cases. However, everyone should take the time to learn more about a bail bonds agent in Stamford CT so they are prepared when they need their services. Here are the top facts concerning bail bonds agents.

The Laws Concerning Bail Bonds

Depending on the severity of the crime, there may or may not be a bond issued by a judge. In cases where the crime is of a capital nature such as murder or if the court has a strong belief that the defendant will not return to appear in court, there will typically not be a bond issued. Bonds are pre-determined according to the laws of the state in which the person was arrested. There is not a lot of discretion involved. While the arrested party is certainly free to pay the entire amount of the bail themselves, most people typically do not have that type of cash laying around. Therefore, they hire a bail bonds agent in Stamford CT where they will only need to pay a non-refundable 10% fee and the bondsman will pay the remaining bond on behalf of the defendant.

Rule After Bond Is Paid

After the bond is paid, there will still be rules the defendant must follow or they risk being arrested again and having their bond forfeited. Typically, these rules consist of returning to the court to meet all of their court dates and also not getting into any more trouble. If the crime was of a domestic nature, they will usually not be allowed to have any contact with the other party. Cyber crimes may require that the person not use the internet or a computer in any way before they are sentenced. It all depends on the type of crime committed and the laws of the state.

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