Facts About Laser Machine Alignment in San Antonio

It has been estimated by industry experts over 50% of breakdowns in pump machines with rotating parts is due to some type of misalignment. These misalignments can occur over time and are often inevitable. However, they can be reduced and corrected by being pro-active with a maintenance schedule. One of the easiest ways to correct this issue is to use laser machine alignment in San Antonio.

Types Of Alignments

When it comes to alignments, there are actually a few different methods. One traditional method is called “straight-edge.” This method uses a ruler to gauge the alignment of the machine in question. While this method is certainly quick and easy, it is highly prone to human error as it completely relies on the expertise of the person doing the “measuring.” There is also a method called dial alignment but this method requires the services of a highly-trained technician and it is known to be very time-consuming in execution. On the plus side, dial alignment is far more reliable than simple straight-edge alignment.

Here Come The Lasers

This is where laser Machine Alignment in San Antonio comes into play. One of the great things about using laser beams to perform the alignment is they do not require a trained eye to use. They are also not affected by gravity or by the sagging of any brackets. The tools which utilize laser alignment are all controlled by software which delivers incredibly precise measurements. Some of the higher-end systems even have solutions for other alignment issues such as base bound or soft foot conditions.

Ease Of Repeated Use

It is natural for the machine to become misaligned again with repeated use. With laser alignment, the correct measurements can be stored within the software so the machine can become re-aligned with the simple press of a button. There is no more having to re-measure everything or look up measurements in physical books.

For more information about Laser Precision and the many benefits it has over its alternatives, contact a company experienced in using it. The time and money saved from doing it this way will be a great boon to the bottom line of the company.

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