Facts of Teeth Cleaning in Panama City Beach FL

After a bleaching treatment, the teeth are generally 3 to 8 shades whiter. If the teeth to be treated are white or have yellow hues one will have more results than if the teeth were brown or gray. These two shades are more difficult to whiten. Moreover, if the teeth are yellow because of drugs such as antibiotics or illness, it is more difficult to make them white even with professional Teeth Cleaning in Panama City Beach FL.

Do teeth stay white long after bleaching?

No, technically speaking, whitening cannot guarantee that teeth will remain white for a long time and certainly not forever. Sometimes a person’s teeth can remain white for two years or more, but this mainly depends on the patient’s oral hygiene, eating and social habits. In most cases, after a year, the teeth will start to turn colors again, probably not as much as before treatment, but they will still turn nonetheless. This is when the patient needs to return for retreatment. A new bleaching will turn the teeth as white as the 1st time, but it all depends on the nature of the enamel.

What whitening techniques are available and which are the best?

There is only one technique that involves applying a whitening product on the outside of the teeth. The product will penetrate the teeth and will whiten the inside. By cons, there are 2 methods for proper Teeth Cleaning in Panama City Beach FL.

The first technique uses nothing but the product is allowed to stay in contact with the enamel for 2-3 weeks. This is the best technique for people who want to perform the application themselves. All he or she will need is a bleaching agent and rubber mouthpiece. The trays must be custom made by a specialist, though. It is very important that the product is distributed evenly over the entire surface of the teeth and prevents the patient from swallowing it. This technique is most effective because it is less obtrusive and the teeth remain white longer.

The second is done by a specialist. The dentist will use a laser or non-laser light to help the whitening product penetrate the teeth faster. The product is always the same as for the first technique but more concentrated. This technique is most popular because it is quicker and the patient sees the effects an hour later. To learn more, look at more info here.

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