FAQs About An Arbor Care Company Around Minnesota

Thousands of residents go through the motions of finding a good tree company every year. Many do not even know where to begin or what to look for. These people know they need a tree or some trees trimmed or cut down, a sick tree cared for, or stump grinding. What are some things they need to know about hiring an Arbor Care Company Around Minnesota?

Is a Permit Needed for Tree Removal?

When it comes to tree removal, a utility company has guidelines that need to be followed. If a tree were to fall on a power line and cause damage, the utility company could take action. In Minnesota, a permit is required from the Forestry Division of the Park and Recreation Board. Often times, if the tree is a hazard to the public, the Forestry Board has the right to come in and remove it even if it is on private property.

What Causes Trees to Need Cutting Down?

Trees live for a long time. Once they get to a certain age, their limbs become fragile. Sometimes, they need to be cut down once they begin to die, as there is no way to rehabilitate them. There are also times where trees get sick and have a disease such as Dutch Elm, Emerald Ash Borer, or Oak Wilt. If a tree is too sick to survive, it is best to cut it down before it falls.

When is Tree Trimming Needed?

Trees should be trimmed annually to control growth. If the growth is not controlled, a tree can easily take over the yard. Annual tree trimming also gives the arborist a chance to inspect the limbs for any fungal growth or disease. If caught early enough, proper care can save the entire tree from having to be removed.

What Should You Look for in a Tree Company?

A tree company should be licensed and insured to work in Minnesota. This protects everyone. A company should also have ongoing training. The foreman of the crew can elaborate on this. Referrals and testimonials are good to ask for before making a decision as well.

Finding a company to remove trees, grind stumps, or trim trees is not as easy as most people think. There are many decisions involved, including cost. To find out more about an Arbor Care Company Around Minnesota, contact Timberline Tree Service.

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