Fast Installation With Stainless Steel Threaded Studs

Finding a way to effectively and quickly mate two pieces of construction materials together is always a challenge, particularly when one of the pieces is steel or other types of metal alloys. While there is always the option to drill then use nuts and bolts or other types of fasteners, this is a long and cumbersome process that can become a very real challenge on large projects.

To make things even more complex, to install those nuts and bolts requires access to both sides of the base piece or the workpiece. This means at least two people involved in each team, which doubles the cost for the project as well as increases the time to completion. There is also the issue of the nut being visible on the outside of the workpiece, and this can be a considerable issue for both the design as well as the aesthetics.

The Better Option

A better option, and a fast, reliable and effective solution, is to use stainless steel threaded studs. Using a drawn arc welding system for large diameter weld studs or a capacitor discharge systems for smaller diameter weld studs removes the need to drill holes or to use fasteners that protrude through the workpiece.

This allows one person to install the stainless steel threaded studs in place, with no marring, discoloration of signs of welding on the exterior of the workpiece. Carefully matching the settings for the system as well as the right weld stud process for the application is all that is required.

Additionally, with the use of stainless steel threaded studs, there is extended corrosion resistance with the stud for an extended period of time, which is important in outdoor applications, in specific types of equipment and systems, and even in heavy-duty machinery manufacturing.

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