Fast Treatment

Treatment for a cracked tooth in Chicago is available immediately from our dentist. There are several reasons why you might damage a tooth, including while playing sports or during a vehicular collision. When this situation occurs, you need an emergency dental procedure to prevent additional problems. If a tooth is damaged, then debris can infect the underlying structures, leading to a loss of the tooth. Call your dentist to arrange an emergency examination with medical images to determine what type of procedure is required for fixing the damaged tooth.

Root Canal

It is likely that you will need a root canal procedure for a cracked tooth in Chicago, and this requires sedation while the dentist drills into the top of your tooth. The pulp is removed from the tooth so that the dentist can reach the roots of the tooth, and these are also pulled out of the tooth. After the pulp and roots are removed, the shell of the cracked tooth is unstable, but your dentist can order a customized dental crown to place over the tooth to create a strong biting surface.

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Most dental crowns are made from composite materials so that the bottom layer is made from durable metal while the top layer is a color-matching substance that looks perfect next to your other teeth. A dental crown is attached to the tooth’s shell with a waterproof resin, and after it is placed on the tooth, it will remain there for many years. You should continue to brush or floss your teeth and the crown regularly, but you should also visit your dentist every six months for a checkup. To learn more about the best treatment for a cracked tooth in Chicago, contact South Loop Dental Specialists at our website located at

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