Female American Jazz Vocalist with a Unique Talent

Many jazz vocalists have paged through Jazz standards songbooks and the great American. Then every so often a unique talent comes along with a sound unlike any other female American jazz vocalists such as Sylvia Brooks. It takes an exquisite sound from a vocalist with exceptional talent for bringing out the best sound from their music. The sultry charm, combined with sonic clarity and a commanding stage presence has set Sylvia above the rest. Female jazz vocalists like Brooks will have you on a musical voyage that is bold and exhilarating to delve into hidden recesses of your heart.

Sophisticated, Sultry and Sexy

Sylvia Brooks is a phenomenal female jazz vocalist that has a style and sound which has been significantly influenced by big band swing artists and the amazing classical jazz artists from the past. Her dark soulful sound and musical abilities have mesmerized numerous individuals at venues and cabarets in the LA area. She is sophisticated, sultry and sexy while her voice is alluring and captivating, and she is always singing in tune. Brooks sings specifically the way she looks, a dark, smoky sound with inspiring firepower. This has her moving in ever-expanding artistic directions both audibly and visually gripping.

Become an Admirer and Devoted Fan

Sylvia Brooks is a beautiful, talented female American jazz vocalist. Her performance on stage is beautifully flawless and when you hear her voice it is absolutely breathtaking. Brooks is becoming one of the most memorable female jazz vocalists of today. You will quickly become an admirer and devoted fan of Sylvia Brooks when you browse her website and listen to her music clips. Also, you will find information about her upcoming performances, current radio stations playing her albums, and where you can order one of her CD’s.

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