File for Custody to Ensure That Your Parental Rights are Preserved

Child custody agreements affect any two people that have children together, whether they are married or not. Children are created from two people regardless of the parent’s marital status. When those two individuals decide they do not want to stay together, or one parent is engaging in activities that are bad for the children, it’s time to File For Custody. Todd J. Zimmer can help advocate for parents that want to ensure their parental rights are not ignored.

The goal of a custody lawsuit is to come to an agreement that is right for the child as opposed to the parents. A minor child is dependent on having a reliable mother or father figure in its life. How the arrangement is worked out depends on the situation in which the parents are coming from. When a divorce has been filed, the parents have to sit down and work out how to split time with the children in such a way that is equitable for all. The child or children do sometimes have a say in which parent they want to stay with, and Todd J. Zimmer can explain how that works.

There are times when the custody issue is due to one parent being unfit. The custodial parent could be neglecting their children for living a “wild” lifestyle and using the child for income. Alternatively, the custodial parent may not be living up to his or her end of the bargain, and relinquishing the children for their shared time with the other parent. These are issues that need to be resolved in court due to their emotional nature and potential termination of parental rights.

Child custody unfortunately is a complex matter, and one that is not easily resolved. Many feel that their love for their children should override any law, but sadly, this is not always the case. A parent can love their children with all of their heart, but if they are not taking proper care of them, they can be deemed unfit. It’s best to work with a lawyer to ensure that all legalities are observed throughout the process and leave no loopholes open.

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