Fillings and Your Dentist in Laurel, MS

In order to restore the chewing surface of a tooth, your dentist in Laurel, MS may use different filling materials. Their choice depends on the depth of the lesion and the desires of the patient. There are also drugs that allow restoration the tooth. This will help the patient (and others) restore function so that the restored teeth are in no way different from the healthy.

Filling materials for the restoration of the crown

In modern dentistry, dentists use several kinds of fillings. These are primarily made of cement seals. Most often they are used in pediatric dentistry though. They differ sufficiently in low resistance and are able to hold a tooth cavity not more than two years old. As a result, there may be secondary caries.

Cement seals can be made of silicate and glass ionomers. First, they are weakly attached to the tooth and quickly erased, but all dental offices give these for free. Glass ionomer filling adheres better to the walls of the tooth, but the remaining cement has low strength properties. Pediatric dentists use these types of seals a lot.

Amalgam, or iron-looking fillings, contain mercury, but they are very strong and durable. If we talk about the shortcomings, it should be noted that these have a habit of breaking off with the tooth. The most commonly used are composite fillings. These can be chemical or light curing. They are ideal for sealing under the crown.

If you have a toothache after filling

The presence of such a large selection of modern materials does not always guarantee an efficient and high-quality treatment. Sometimes after filling a tooth, a patient may still be in pain. Normally after canal treatment, there may still be discomfort, especially when biting. This should last for no more than three days. However, these issues can cause damage to the tissues of the apex. Moreover, if the pain gets worse, you should contact your dentist.

It is also possible to develop inflammation outside of the root. This phenomenon is most common in the treatment of pulpitis. As a result, this could transform into a cyst or granuloma, if left untreated. For more information on this, or other dental issues, contact dentist in Laurel, MS today.

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