Find Dozens of Helpful Accessories from a Trailer Service in Cameron Park

Trailers are useful in countless situations. From hauling a motorcycle after a breakdown to helping friends move to a new home, the person with a trailer tends to be high on everyone’s call list. Regardless of the type of trailer, certain upgrades and accessories take an ordinary model to an entirely new level. Though an endless lineup of options is available from a Trailer Service Cameron Park, some are certainly more practical than others.

Utility Boxes

Utility boxes are must-haves for any trailer owner. They provide a handy place to keep necessities like tools, lug wrenches, portable air compressors, tarps, ratchet straps, bungee cords, and tire repair kits. In many cases, these incredibly helpful accessories can be installed at the rear of the trailer’s tongue against the outside of its frame, so it doesn’t take up hauling space or interfere with loading and unloading. With help from a Trailer Service Cameron Park, finding a utility box with just the right dimensions shouldn’t be difficult.

Reflective Strips

Trailers are required to have their own lighting, but it’s not always enough. Numerous accidents have involved people running into the sides of trailers or rear-ending the vehicles towing them. Inevitably, the driver responds with, “I didn’t see it.” With reflective strips distributed strategically around a trailer, this excuse isn’t likely to hold up in court. At the same time, if the trailer’s lighting happens to go out on the road at night, these accessories provide a nice backup solution.

Spare Tire Covers

Spare trailer tires and wheels are highly vulnerable to time and weather because they’re exposed to the elements. Trailer owners often find spare tires rotted or the wheels excessively damaged when the time comes to use them. Spare tire covers protect them from heat, cold, and moisture, so they’ll last longer and be ready to use when the need arises. Turn to a company like Vintage Transport for protective coverings for those spares and consider purchasing an extra tire and wheel just in case.

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