Find Out More About Cosmetic Dentistry in Nashville

Having an attractive smile makes you feel good about yourself. Your smile is a way to communicate with people of all ages and backgrounds. If your teeth are discolored or damaged, it could make you hold back on sharing a smile. You don’t have to live with unattractive teeth that make you feel self-conscious. Find out more about Cosmetic Dentistry in Nashville and what it can do for you. There are a variety of affordable and painless ways to get the beautiful smile you want. A local cosmetic dentist will guide you every step of the way until you can’t wait to show off your teeth.

Over time your teeth can get visibly discolored. Sipping coffee, smoking cigarettes and even eating colorful berries can make your teeth an unappealing color. Teeth whitening is simple and pain-free. In just one or two sessions, your teeth can be whiter than you imagined possible. If your teeth have permanent discoloration or an odd shape, veneers could be the answer. You keep all your teeth but veneers are permanently placed on the front of each tooth. Veneers can give you the celebrity smile you see in magazines. Other issues such as missing or chipped teeth require more extensive dental work. Periodontal disease, root canals and accidents can all cause people to lose one or more teeth. Having gaps in your teeth can be embarrassing, especially if the tooth is in the front of your mouth. Crowns and bridges are permanently fitted into your mouth to fill in these unwanted gaps. Dental implants can also be used for the same purpose. They are permanent and look just like your own teeth. You even care for them much like natural teeth. Dentures and partial dentures are an affordable way to fill in areas with missing teeth.

Your journey toward a fabulous smile starts with scheduling an appointment with Jason White DDS. Get a routine checkup, x-rays and cleaning then talk to the dentist about your goals. The dentist will establish a treatment plan and review billing options that fit into your budget. Soon you will be smiling all the time.

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