Find the Right Drug Program to Help You Regain Your Life

Have you been struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction? Do you feel your life is no longer yours because of a chemical dependency? You can take back your life when you enter one of the various Malibu treatment programs. There are various programs available today, you just need to find the right one for you. Serenity Malibu does not use the traditional programs that most treatment centers do. They understand that each of their clients are different and find the right treatment plan to help them succeed in overcoming their drug addiction. They combine both holistic and clinical management to not only heal the body of their clients, they also help mend your soul and mind while under their care.

Serenity Malibu is committed to Providing Satisfying Results to Their Clients

Addiction can be caused by various motives, such as physical, social, hereditary, and behavioral reasons. They believe once they reach the root of your addiction, their staff can help you begin to gain your long-term sobriety. You will meet with a certified staff member to undergo a complete medical assessment. During your treatment, they will help you discover the triggers that cause you to begin using drugs or alcohol. Once they know your triggers, as a team they will work with you to discover ways to avoid or make it through these triggers. You will receive care while staying at the center and before you return home, the staff will provide you with an aftercare plan to ensure you will remain sober. You will receive training to help prevent you from relapsing once your leave the facility. A staff member will meet with your family so they can educate them on how they can help during your recovery stage and assist in helping you remain clean.

Receive Care at a Licensed and Qualified Treatment Center

If you are ready to regain your life and take control of your chemical dependency, Serenity Malibu is ready to help you! They have received accreditation from CARF for treating various addictions. Their qualified staff members have been trained in treating co-occurring disorders, such as depression or post-traumatic stress disorder that can contribute to your drug use. While in their care you will not only be treated for your addiction, they will provide medical care for your mental health to ensure you are successful in not relapsing once you leave their facility.

If you suffer from an addiction, search for one of the Malibu treatment programs near you. Serenity Malibu believes in treating addiction along with the body, mind, and soul.

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