Find Wholesale Bathroom Supply in Orange County, NY and Save Big!

A bathroom remodel can be either a big or small job. This isn’t really about the size of the bathroom, but what someone wants to have done with the bathroom. A small job might be simple things like changing out the light fixtures and faucets. A large job would be gutting the bathroom and replacing everything from top to bottom. A large job can take weeks while a small job can take days. In either case, saving money is going to be a priority, which is why using a wholesale store for Bathroom Supply in Orange County NY will be a must.

Wholesalers Eliminate the Middleman

When it comes to sales, the price of any product in a store reflects how many people have to touch that product before it is finally sold. For a big box store, this means the initial wholesaler, the distributor, the delivery company and then finally the sales staff at the store. This means that the mark-up on a product can range from 30% to 100% of the original price. Eliminating the middleman saves money.

Wholesalers have Cheaper Prices

As mentioned before, having a product go through many hands increases the price. However, wholesalers also save money because they sell from their source. Often, they sell everything out of a single warehouse or do warehouse and online sales. This reduced overhead makes it easier to offer lower prices.

Wholesalers have Different Contacts

When someone visits a big box store, they are limited by the brands and the styles within that store. There is no negotiation regarding the options for Bathroom Supply in Orange County NY, they have what they have. A wholesaler, on the other hand, is not restricted to specific brands or styles. If someone needs something that the wholesaler doesn’t have, they will work to find it.

Wholesalers Might Have Old Stock

In many cases, a wholesaler is a great place to find products that are out of stock in stores. This could be a certain type of fixtures or tiles that a company isn’t making any more. A wholesale company is a great place to check for hard to find items.

If you’re remodeling your bathroom, then finding a good source for everything you need can save you time and money. Visit for a company that provides many different services and products for their customers.

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