Finding the Best Cubicle Curtain Tracks

If you work for a hospital or any other type of medical environment, you may find it necessary to consider replacing older equipment with a new one. One area which may require replacing or renewing concerns the cubicle curtains. The tracks may need to be changed. You may have to buy newer models to meet the current medical and hygienic standards of the workplace.

Compatibility and Cubicle Curtain Tracks

Whether you are a hospital buyer or management, it is important to get it right the first time. You need to talk to the other parties concerned to ensure the cubicle curtain tracks are compatible with:

  • The present curtains – unless you plan to eliminate them as well. This means making sure the tracks have the correct number of interior hooks

  • The current floor plan

  • The needs of those who will use them most frequently – the staff

  • The requirements of the medical profession in terms of health and safety standards

  • The bed space

  • They are working properly and curtains are gliding easily.

The person in charge of selecting and ordering the cubicle curtain tracks must be sure to obtain all the measurements for individual hospital rooms in order to help decide upon the correct size and type.

Cubicle Curtain Tracks: Installation and Use

When it comes down to choosing between models, the individual in charge of ordering and selection must choose cubicle curtain tracks that are easy to install. This makes the change from one type to another and ongoing maintenance less demanding and, hopefully, simpler to accomplish. It is also necessary that these mechanisms be easy to use on a daily basis. The individual in charge needs to consider:

  • How are the curtains to be fastened?

  • How easy do the curtains move along the tracks? Are there any known problems such as sticking?

  • Do the tracks allow the curtains to move along them silently ensuring the patients are not disturbed?

  • How much maintenance do these cubicle curtain tracks require?

  • Does it require great strength to move the curtains on these tracks? Can a patient that is somewhat weak manage it on her or his own?

In addition to these different factors, it is extremely important, when the purchase is for a medical facility, to make sure the cubicle curtain tracks meet and even exceed the current specific medical standards. These include those set concerning infections. Moreover, when it comes to purchasing the best cubicle curtain tracks, it is imperative to take into consideration their construction. They must be sturdy, highly durable and designed to handle heavy usage. Get exactly the tracks you need at

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