Fireplaces and Wood Stoves in Columbus,OH

Many people are looking for additional and alternate heating sources in their homes. If you have been debating the benefits of wood stoves in Columbus, OH, there are many reasons why this could be a good choice, both for design reasons and warmth.

Sustainable Product

Wood is a sustainable product which when carefully harvested, will never run out. Sensible culling of forest land actually makes forests healthier and reduces the risk of a forest fire. Burning wood produces less pollution than many other forms of energy.


There are few things more soothing and cozy than a crackling fire on a rainy, gloomy day or a cold night in winter. It becomes a central gathering point in many homes for families (and their pets). The scent of a warm fire is also distinctive and pleasing to many people.


In addition to being very cost-efficient to use, wood stoves and fireplaces add value to a home. This may help a home sell faster if you decide to move later on.


There are few things which can bring a distinct ambiance to a room in the way a fireplace or wood stove can. There are many styles to choose from, including some very edgy pieces which will look comfortably in place in even the most modern home.


Modern wood stoves and fireplaces are constructed of durable materials and are as safe as any other heating source. They can also be a lifesaver should a power outage prevent the use of a furnace or boiler.


Fireplaces do not have to burn just wood. You can select from any number of styles that are also able to burn gas. These give the same warmth and appearance with less work and mess.

You can find an amazing selection of stylish and beautiful Wood Stoves in Columbus, OH at Custom Home and Hearth. Not only do they have styles which will look perfect inside any home, they also offer many distinctive outdoor fireplaces as well.

They can help you to redesign your home or bathroom too, with high quality pieces and design consultants on staff. They will work with you to find the perfect design to successfully complete any sized project.

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