Fit the Whole Family in a Ford Flex

You need a vehicle that is dependable. More importantly, it has to have plenty of room. You have a family. You help out in the carpool with the neighborhood kids. Sometimes, you have your hands full with your children’s friends. You don’t want a van or a bus to get you where you need to go. You need something that is attractive and practical. The Ford Flex Oak Lawn could be right up your alley. It comes in the latest color schemes and has the Ford seal of approval.

Why Go with a Ford Flex?
Choose a Ford Flex Oak Lawn and you won’t be disappointed. You get the beauty of an SUV that can fit up to seven passengers. It’s perfect when you are headed out for groceries, taking the kids to practice, or you want to take the whole family with you on your next excursion. A Ford Flex lives up to the Ford name. It has plenty of room. It has class. It offers you comfort. You can’t go wrong when you need a spacious SUV that is Ford tough.

Find Your Ford Flex at Hawk Ford
Hawk Ford of Oak Lawn has the Ford Flex that is right for you. Choose from a long list of colors that include burgundy velvet, agate black, blue, white platinum, magnetic, ingot silver, ruby red, stone gray, or oxford white. Complement it with the right interior color scheme, choosing between dune and charcoal black. Go to to see if the Ford Flex you want is on the lot. If it isn’t, the team at Hawk Ford of Oak Lawn will begin the hunt to bring your Ford Flex to your doorstep. Let your sales team help you to find the vehicle that makes you happy.

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