Five Benefits of Hiring a Disability Attorney

The disability process is a lengthy one. Unless you win your case outright within the first 90 days — or subsequently win the first appeal — you’ll likely have to wait up to three years to get a judgement on your claim. But regardless of why you’re applying for disability, it pays to hire a disability lawyer to help you through the process. That said, here are five advantages to using a disability attorney.

Assist With Filing

The filing process for disability is cumbersome. And to add to the monotony, you must be sure you complete every form or you can disqualify yourself very quickly. That’s where a disability attorney in Winfield can help you. A representative from your attorney’s office will usually take your input over the phone for the initial filing; then ensure it gets to the proper Social Security claims representative.

Reduce Stress

There’s a lot of trepidation that comes with filing for disability benefits. If you have a condition that is disabling yet rather obscure in nature, for example, your attorney can help assure you that she’ll do her best to get compensation.

Recommend Various Tests of Forms

The Social Security adjudicator will base much of her decision on the medical records your doctors mail to the Social Security office. If you have an autoimmune disease where a physical injury is not the problem, your disability attorney in Winfield may recommend a special medical form that better summarizes your condition. She’ll then suggest you get your specialist to fill it out.

Be an Advocate at Hearings

You’ll want a disability attorney present if your case goes to the hearing level. For one thing, the attorney’s been there before and can guide you in how to answer the judge’s questions. She’ll also help counter things the Social Security occupational specialist states in court.

Help You Win

Your disability attorney in Winfield can improve your odds of winning your case. Her firm will then take a percentage of your backpay as compensation.

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