Forcing an Entire Condominium Sale in Illinois: Can It Happen?

Can a condo owner be forced to sell? If you plan on purchasing a condo in Illinois, that’s a very good question. It might surprise you to know that an owner can legally be forced out, but there are many caveats. Condo litigation attorneys are your best resource for this legal matter, but here is a short summary of a situation that could force a sale.

Bulk Sale

An investor or developer may want to purchase an entire condominium complex. One reason investors try to buy out owners is to convert units into apartments. The investors may approach each unit owner or reach out to the homeowners association (HOA). If most owners agree to the offer, the remaining people might be forced to sell. This rule does not apply in all cases. Each condominium must provide governing documents to the owners, and those guidelines may affect the sale. For example, the association could establish a high approval percentage. Some associations have an 85% threshold.

Can a Condo Owner be Forced to Sell?

Some factors could force a person to move, but it largely depends upon the association, the owners, and often lawyers. Legal professionals can represent the HOA and the unit owners. Condo litigation attorneys help their clients move through a bulk sale by addressing individual owner’s concerns and by ensuring the association follows its own regulations. These are complex transactions that involve many people, which can always be challenging, but with the guidance of experienced lawyers, most parties can reach an amicable agreement.

For more information on condo litigation attorneys and how they can assist you or your HOA, contact Keough & Moody, P.C.

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