Four Major Causes Of Leaking Pipes

One day your pipes may seem in perfect shape. The next day, you have leaking pipes sending water flowing through your walls, onto your floors and/or throughout the basement. Why does this happen? If you talk to the expert plumbers in Alpharetta GA, they will offer you several reasons why your pipes are leaking.

Why Are your Pipes Leaking?

Your pipes may start to leak for any of several reasons. Sometimes, it is the result of negligence over time. It can also be several factors coalescing. Plumbers cite the following as the basic causal factors for dripping pipes.

  • Clogs: Clogs are almost inescapable in homes. Blockages occur from hair, grease, and other items. If the items are not removed, they can produce more than an overflowing sink or tub. If left undetected and undeterred, they can cause build up in water pressure and, eventually, a leaking or even broken pipe.
  • Deterioration: If you are living in an old house in Alpharetta GA, chances are your pipes are also old. Aging pipes deteriorate. They develop rust, and the joints may weaken as the solvent weakens.
  • House Shifts: No matter how old or new your home may be, it can shift over time. This can affect the placement of your plumbing. The joints may loosen and even separate causing leaks to spring.
  • Change in Temperature: If your pipes run from the outdoors through an unheated wall, extreme changes in the weather can cause freezing. This, in turn, can produce cracks, which result in leaking pipes.

Regular maintenance and an annual inspection of your plumbing can reduce the chances of this occurring.

Leaking Pipes

If you find a leaking pipe, do not waste time. Call a qualified plumber to repair leaking pipe issue. If you delay, the problem may grow in scope. Not only can ignoring leaking pipes drive up your water bill, but they can also cause serious damage to your home in Alpharetta GA.

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